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Imagine easy-to-use drag-and-drop scheduling for small business owners. ServiceTask enables intuitive visualization that helps avoid scheduling conflicts.

  • Client: Service Task
  • Technology: Play Framework 1.x on Java 6, Angular
  • Site link: Service Task is now part of Lighthouse


Normal calendar applications are sufficient for managing one person’s schedule, but they quickly become irrelevant when faced with the needs of a small business. Managing work crews, trucks, equipment and individual employees is beyond their scope. Small business owners needed something better, but still easy to use.


More features aren’t always better. Taking a regular calendar app and adding more menus, options and design elements would only create visual clutter and add to the confusion. The problem needed a paradigm shift, and Cyber Care’s solution is just that.


Service Task utilizes a unique calendar view that shows time slots along one axis and work groups along another. This simple layout makes availability instantly recognizable and prevents scheduling conflicts, without adding complexity. Combined with drag-and-drop simplicity throughout, managing a Service Task calendar is as easy as possible.

The Process

Once the core job scheduling feature set was in place, Service Task added features while growing the user base. These included invoice generation, QuickBooks integration, attachments, custom company web pages, automatically generated timesheets, SMS messaging, support for online payments and more!

The Result

Service Task was acquired by Yodle in 2014 and incorporated it into their Lighthouse office management software.

We are now able to access all of our customers’ information in a singular platform, from contact information to quotes to invoices.
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