Phoenix Electric: Design

Legacy code and demanding mathematics are no obstacle. Here’s how Cyber Care future-proofed one manufacturer’s planning software.

  • Client: Phoenix Electric
  • Technology: Angular, Web Workers
  • Site link: Phoenix Electric


Phoenix Electric had a design and pricing calculator that encoded and enabled the complex mathematics required for their business. This legacy program was aging, and they needed to ensure the reliability of this essential piece of technology.


The Cyber Care team transferred the business logic from BASIC into a modern single-page Angular app. Special care was taken to create an application that would remain usable far into the future.


Phoenix Electric’s design program is faster and more future-proof now than ever before, while maintaining accuracy and improving ease of use. They no longer have to maintain an old BASIC-compatible computer to run their business; Cyber Care’s work will keep them building products reliably for years to come.

The Cyber Care team modernized some important software that we depend on. They kept our business running smoothly!
Sandro Silva

Sandro Silva
Director of Engineering

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