Perch: Work Order Manager

A company with a new approach to home buying needed a new approach to work order management. And Cyber Care was perfectly positioned to provide just that.

  • Client: Perch
  • Technology: Angular, TypeScript, Python, Bottle Framework
  • Site link:


Perch’s unique approach to real estate required a work order management solution that no currently-existing product could deliver. With growing business and new investment, Perch couldn’t rely on their old Google spreadsheet anymore. It was time for a creative solution.


The Cyber Care team worked closely with Perch’s management and developers to craft an application that matched their business needs, without succumbing to the feature creep that can sometimes derail projects like this. In a series of short development sprints, the Cyber Care team created a software solution that continues to enable Perch’s ongoing expansion.


Cyber Care’s custom work order manager gives Perch employees the ability to create, view and track work orders. Both one-time and repeating tasks are supported, as well as full-featured comments, file upload, a complete audit trail and appropriate reminder emails.

The Process

Cyber Care built the app within the technology stack that Perch’s own development team uses, for maximum interoperability, code reuse and future-proofing. Even Perch’s site layout and visual style were copied, for an all-around seamless experience.

The Result

Perch employees on the ground no longer have to fumble through an endless Google spreadsheet, or hunt to find task details in an email from last month. Everything they need is right at their fingertips.

You guys have been awesome to work with. Really looking forward to getting this live in production!
Drew McCalmont

Drew McCalmont
Head of Platform Product

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