Seeing is believing: Hawk offers easy-to-use session view, no strings attached.

  • Client: Hawk
  • Technology: React, TypeScript, Mongo, NodeJS, AWS (Lambda, S3, Lightsail, CloudWatch, CloudFront)
  • Site link: usehawk.com


Other session viewing tools impose their own frameworks on the data. Whether it’s the heat map, marketing funnel or bug tracking approach, these often fail to line up with user needs, or become a problem when the model diverges from the reality.

The Process

The unique difficulty of Hawk’s mission was in the vast quantity of data it generated. This caused issues with performance, but also with storage and computation costs. Over the course of four progressively more efficient technology stacks, the team finally arrived at a combination of CloudFront, API Gateway, Lambda and S3 that answers the demand without server crashes or huge cost overruns.


Over the course of several iterations, Hawk’s feature set evolved a great deal. When NowRenting needed a certain feature, Hawk would add it. If NowRenting didn’t use a Hawk feature, it was removed. The test was always whether Hawk added value to NowRenting. In that way, unnecessary complexity was progressively removed from version to version.

The Result

Hawk’s session view, user tracking and error reporting are incredibly easy to set up and use. And because Hawk doesn’t assume a specific use framework, changes to the site being tracked can’t break anything. It’s a simple, effective session view tool that can fill a huge variety of needs.

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