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Managing a factory floor is complex. But Cyber Care’s specialty is taking complexity and reducing it to simplicity.

  • Client: Contempo
  • Technology: Play Framework 1.2.5 on Java 6, Angular
  • Site link:


Contempo’s production workflow didn’t quite fit with existing job tracking solutions. They needed something that could follow a job from when they first issued a price quote to when the finished product left the warehouse, and every step in between.


The Cyber Care team looked at Contempo’s business processes and worked with them to envision an application that would fit their workflow like a glove.

The Result

The final application keeps track of every aspect of Contempo’s production workflow, increasing their efficiency and enabling better organization and time management.

The Cyber Care team did a great job building a custom app that fits our production flow perfectly!
Talia Cavallaro

Talia Cavallaro
Executive Assistant

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